Skid Steer Snow Plow Moldboard

When operating a Skid Steer with a Plow and Pusher, it is important to have a durable moldboard.  At KAGE we have an Overbuilt by Design philosophy. Our skid steer plows withstand the toughest working conditions and keep you going when you need your plow most!

Why do Skid Steer Plows need stronger moldboards?

Skid Steer plows take more abuse than plows on pickup trucks.  Skid Steer’s are used to push piles up and over curbs, used to stack, and when adding a pusher, push more snow than a pickup could handle.  The force from a Skid Steer would cause damage to truck plows when pushing and scraping with down pressure.

What is different on a KAGE Innovation moldboard?

KAGE uses a boxed form support similar to a bulldozer blade to create a stronger plow that will withstand the abuse that a Skid Steer puts on it.  Flexing and plow chattering is also eliminated in most cases with the boxed form support moldboard.

KAGE Plows also utilize an Oscillation Plate that allows the moldboard to oscillate up to 12 degrees total to contour to sloping ground.  This is important as almost no ground is completely level when plowing.

What weight is a KAGE SnowFire Skid Steer Plow rated for?

The Snow Fire 2 in 1 plow system is rated for Skid Steers and Compact Loader machines up to 15,000 lbs and compact tractors under 100HP.  That’s right, up to 15,000 lbs!  Most trucks only weigh around 6,000-8500 lbs.

Is the moldboard important when considering the type of snowplow trip?

Many truck plows utilize moldboard trip which uses springs to allow the whole moldboard to flex forward in the event of hitting an object.  On a KAGE Skid Steer Plow, we utilized trip edges that allow the cutting edge to trip.  The stronger moldboard allows the trip spring assemblies to be welded to the moldboard itself for greater durability living up to our Overbuilt by Design philosophy.

SNOWFIRE Plow System