If you are sick of your current snow removal equipment and need something more durable, effective and efficient and tough enough to get any job done, contact Kage Innovation today or visit our website to see what snow removal equipment is right for you and your crew.

“The machine is built to be used…”

-Troy Seekmap | Four Seasons Yard Care

Kage Innovation Has Created The Fastest Way To Plow Snow

The Kage System is a two in one blade and pusher combination. You are always only seconds betweenBest Snow Plow on the Market blading and pushing, without leaving the cab. The Kage System makes quick work out of any townhome driveways. How long would clearing a townhome driveway take with a truck or any other machine? Turn your compact tractor or skid steer into a winter profit machine. It’s up to you; how fast do you want to go?

“We are just killing it in commercial snow plowing, no one else can touch us in the area with the Kage system”

-Shawn Karnes | SVC Turf

Front Loader Mounted Kage Plow for Snow Removal

Loaders Are Great For Snow Removal

The loader mounted Kage SnowStorm System will plow a parking lot in the same time as four pickup trucks! With the loaders extreme lifting capabilities you have extreme stacking potential. For agricultural tractor applications the Kage Undercarriage takes abuse that the conventional loader arms could not. The overall length of the tractor is about 2 feet shorter compared to mounting the plow system on the loader arms. The hydraulic system allows down pressure, as well as float modes so that you can plow more efficiently.

See for yourself, check out our Customer Testimonials!

“…what would take three hours, we do in 45 minutes…”

Daniel Serna & Dominic Serna | Land and Home Services

The Kage System has full power angle abilities, which makes quick work out of narrow stalls and any other tight spot. The Kage Blade, by itself, is perfect for back-dragging. Daytime “open-ups” are a minefield of parked cars, but the Kage System’s angling feature saves the day. The moldboard curvature and the attack angle allow a close encounter with garage doors.

Skid Steer Snow Plow Front Loader Snow Plow

“Because of the ease of use and multi-functionality of it, we were able to decrease that property from three truck plows to one Kage plow run on a skid steer”

-Tyler Washburn | Outback Landscaping

Outperform All Other Snow Removal Contractors

The Kage Snow Pusher System enables many companies to outperform the old method of trucks and V-plows or snow pushers by twice the efficiency, or half the time. Many contractors have found that by using snow pushers on equipment such as skid steers, wheel loaders, and ag tractors yields a good result due to the increased productivity by moving mass quantities of snow. The ultimate snow-fighter weapon is something durable and trustworthy like the snow pusher, but with the ability to windrow, back drag, scrape and stack,  the Kage System is the all in one tool!

“if our machine ever went down, it would take us three trucks to keep up with this one machine”

Daniel Serna & Dominic Serna | Land and Home Services


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